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Kyreia Sek.jpg

The Lair of the Fleshrender is a lair hidden RvR area of Kadrin Valley, at 2.9k 31.6k, west of Gromril Juction. It is hidden within the western mountains, above the train tunnel.

Kyreia Sek is a rank 40 Daemonette of Slaanesh Hero boss. She is protected by several Cultists.

Approaching the lair will trigger an Achievements unlock. (Not implemented yet)

Mechanic to enter (on Official)

Not implemented yet

To open the lair, one must use three valves starting from the one being down the hill:

  • First 'Steam Valve' is located at 8.9k 33.8k
  • Second Steam Valve' is at 4.6k 34.9k
  • Third 'Steam Valve' is at 3.7k 32.4k on the right of the lair's door.

Once all valves have been turned on (in the right order), the door will open.


Warchain of the Fleshrender.pngKnightseal of the Fleshrender.pngBladed Amulet of the Fleshrender.png
Healers Ranged (Magic)
Wind Ring of the Fleshrender.pngSigmarite Sigil of the Fleshrender.pngRuned Beads of the Fleshrender.png Ember Ring of the Fleshrender.png
Melee Ranged DPS (Not Magic)
Lionmark of the Fleshrender.pngInquisition Brooch of the Fleshrender.pngBatter Ring of the Fleshrender.png Shadowed Amulet of the Fleshrender.pngBand of the Fleshrender.png
Boyz Chain of the Fleshrender.pngChaos Seal of the Fleshrender.pngDark Band of the Fleshrender.png
Healers Ranged (Magic)
Waaagh Beads of the Fleshrender.pngChange Ring of the Fleshrender.pngBlood Chain of the Fleshrender.png Warp Pendant of the Fleshrender.pngEssence Brooch of the Fleshrender.png
Melee Ranged DPS (Not Magic)
Rend Ring of the Fleshrender.pngPain Link of the Fleshrender.pngBoyz Ring of the Fleshrender.png Squig Teef of the Fleshrender.png