Epic Quests

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Tier 1 Epic Quests

Order Side

The Emperor's Mandate - Empire

Among the Shadows - High Elves


Destruction Side

Marked - Chaos

Legend and Infamy - Dark Elves

Da Stick's da Fing - Greenskins

Tier 2 Epic Quests

Order Side

The Greater of Two Evils - Empire

Echoes from the Past - High Elves

Chasing Oathgold - Dwarfs

Destruction Side

Chosen - Chaos

A Lords' Game - Dark Elves

Boss Huntin' - Greenskins

Tier 3 Epic Quests

Order Side

Cleansing an Empire - Empire

Control - High Elves

Ancient Horror - Dwarfs

Destruction Side

Inevitable Power - Chaos

Honorable Deceit - Dark Elves

Will of the Warboss - Greenskins

Tier 4 Epic Quests

Order Side

Faith is Madness - Empire

Unmasking the Enemy - High Elves

Battle for Remembrance - Dwarfs

Destruction Side

Annihilation - Chaos

The Ebon Flame - Dark Elves

Time to Waaagh! - Greenskins