Empire T4 Epic Quest Faith is Madness

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Firstly, you have to take the quest "Faith is Madness" in Chaos Wastes at the Empire Chapter 20 from Klorn Durgrinson.

Step 1

Kill 12 Ravenous Braineaters at the PQ 'Razing an Army'.

Return to Klorn Durgrinson when done.

Step 2

Click on the Omen at the Empire Chapter 21. Turn in your quest.

Step 3

Speak with Sigric Drakenhof at the same Chapter.

Step 4

Kill 8 Gibbering Mutants and 8 Mutated Madmen at the PQ 'Madness'.

Return to Sigric Drakenhof when done.

Step 5


  • 8 Wastetorn Manticores
  • 8 Grotesque Plaguebearers
  • 4 Scintillating Screamers

Return to Sigric Drakenhof when complete.

Step 6

Speak with Initiate Raffael at the south corner of the PQ 'The Siren Sea', inside the boat at 60k 59k.

Step 7

Find Food and Drink scattered in the nearby Public Quest.

Return to Initiate Raffael when complete.

Step 8

Return to the Empire Chapter 21 and speak with Selmina. She is in a cage.

Step 9

Speak to 8 Mindlost Comrades. They can be found around the chapter area.

Return to Selmina.

Step 10

Speak with the Seeker who is located inside the PQ 'The Reaping Field' at 56k 36k.

Step 11

Find the Unicorn located south at 44k 56k. Turn in your quest.

Step 12

Talk to the other Unicorn that can be found outside the Caves of Despair (53k 59k).

Step 13

Enter the Caves of Despair, and find 4 Odd Prisms. They are located at the far end of the west wing of the caves. When you click on them, an Unstable Flamer will spawn. The last prism should give you the Shard of Truth.

Return to Selmina when complete.

Step 14

Travel north to the Empire Chapter 22 and speak to The Stranger.

Step 15

Rescue 4 Fallen by talking to them. They can be found near the road between the Empire Chapter 22 and the PQ 'The Reaping Field'.

Return to The Stranger when done.

Step 16

Enter the Caverns of Terror (entrance at 41.6k 5k) and loot:

  • The Shard of Lucidity
  • The Shard of Sagacity; when you click on it, Wizard Isolda will spawn
  • The Shard of Purity
  • The Shard of Clarity

Return to The Stranger when done.

Step 17

Kill 8 Nightfall Dragon Ogres then rescue Knight Reinhard at 59k 21.5k.

Once done, return to The Stranger.

Step 18

Kill the 3 Doppelgangers around Templar Armand (51k 5k).

Then speak with Von Emmaline nearby.

Step 19

Return to the Empire Chapter 22 and speak with The Stranger.

Step 20

Run to the PQ 'Ebon Keep' and click on the Keys to the Keep. They can be found on the left of the entrance of the keep. This will teleport you.

Once teleported, click on the Mysterious Globe in the middle of the room. It will make spawn Z'kar the Evebane. Kill this NPC to complete your quest.

Return to The Stranger at the Empire Chapter 22.

Step 21

Use the Mysterious Globe in your quest inventory while standing in the Empire Chapter 22.

Afterwards travel to Altdorf and speak with Emperor Karl Franz to claim your reward.


Copy this link in your macro window or in the /s channel to know the rewards at the end of the quest:

<LINK data="QUEST:31149" text="[Faith is Madness]" color="243,228,103">