Empire T2 Epic Quest The Greater of Two Evils

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First, you have to take the quest 'The Greater of Two Evils' in Troll Country near the Empire Chapter 5 from Edmund Kraemer.

Step 1

Find and click on Gertrud Kraemer's Corpse around 2k/33.8k in Troll Country.

Step 2

Return to Edmund Kraemer near the Empire Chapter 5.

Step 3

Speak with Lord Gisbert Jaeger in the Empire Chapter 6.

Step 4

Speak with Sergeant Krueller in the Empire Chapter 6.

Step 5

Interact with the Suspicious Crate at the PQ 'The Blighted Farm' to loot a Suspicious Vial.

Return to Lord Gisbert Jaeger to turn in your quest.

Step 6

Travel to Ostland at the Empire Chapter 7 then speak with Private Betz.

Step 7

Explore Ditches by clicking on one of them around 60.7k/4.9k in Ostland.

Return to Private Betz.

Step 8

Travel north into Troll Country and speak with Ragnhilder (47.5k/49.5k).

Step 9


- A Plague Troll Eye from a Plague Troll at the PQ 'Plague Trolls' in Troll Country

- A Green Pelt from a Putrescent Ungor around the Bell Tower (60k/1.5k) in Ostland

- A Firebrush from an object of the same name in a large area around 47k/28k in Ostland

Return to Ragnhilder in Troll Country to turn in your quest.

Step 10

Speak with Witch Hunter Drauwulf just northwest of the Empire Chapter 8 in Ostland.

Step 11

Question Servant Nadja east of Bohsenfels.

Step 12

Click on Doctor Wirt's Clothes at 21.4k/40.6k to make spawn the Nurgle Chaos Spawn. Kill him to recover the Doctor Wirt's Journal.

Examine the Journal in your quest inventory to turn in your quest.

Step 13

Speak with Valmir Von Raukov at the Empire Chapter 9.

Step 14

Find and destroy Doctor's Plagued Cache by clicking on it inside the PQ 'Wolfenburg'. The Cache is up some stairs at 43.9k/56.7k; there are Sinister Horrors around.

Step 15

Click on Bernard Fiegler's Corpse close to the Cache to loot Bernard Fiegler's Note.

Examine the Note in your quest inventory to turn in your quest.

Step 16

Return to Valmir Von Raukov at the Empire Chapter 9 to turn in this last step and claim your reward.


Copy this link in your macro window or in the /s channel in game to know the rewards at the end of the quest:

<LINK data="QUEST:30230" text="[The Greater of Two Evils]" color="243,228,103">