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'''Ellyrion''' is the second tier zone for the army of the Shining Guard.
= PvE Content =
= PvE Content =
=== Tome of Knowledge ===
=== Tome of Knowledge ===
* Ellyrion History and Lore
* [[Ellyrion History and Lore]]
* Ellyrion Noteworthy Persons
* [[Ellyrion Noteworthy Persons]]
* [[Ellyrion Bestiary Unlocks]]
* [[Ellyrion Achievements]]

=== Public Quests and Chapters ===
=== Public Quests and Chapters ===
{| class="wikitable"
|Order Public Quests
|Destruction Public Quests
|'''High Elf Chapter 8'''
* [[Public Quests#Ellyrion|Starbrook Falls]]
* [[Public Quests#Ellyrion|Ellyrion Stables]]
* [[Public Quests#Ellyrion|Allies of War]]
'''High Elf Chapter 9'''
* [[Public Quests#Ellyrion|Shady Tower]]
* [[Public Quests#Ellyrion|The Well Springs]]
* [[Public Quests#Ellyrion|Gates of Elthrai]]
|'''Dark Elf Chapter 8'''
* [[Public Quests#Ellyrion 2|Monument of Narialle]]
* [[Public Quests#Ellyrion 2|Reservation of Honor]]
* [[Public Quests#Ellyrion 2|Town of Berhessa]]
'''Dark Elf Chapter 9'''
* [[Public Quests#Ellyrion 2|Whitefire Tor]]
* [[Public Quests#Ellyrion 2|Reaver's End]]
* [[Public Quests#Ellyrion 2|Tor Elyr]]
= Sources =
'''''Maps powered by http://guides.gamepressure.com/ and edited by Ghatisgob.'''''

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Ellyrion is the second tier zone for the army of the Shining Guard.

PvE Content


Tome of Knowledge

Public Quests and Chapters

Order Public Quests Destruction Public Quests
High Elf Chapter 8

High Elf Chapter 9

Dark Elf Chapter 8

Dark Elf Chapter 9


Maps powered by http://guides.gamepressure.com/ and edited by Ghatisgob.