Dwarfs T3 Epic Quest Ancient Horror

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First, you have to take the quest "Ancient Horror" in The Badlands at Chapter 10. Speak to Chief Hallsteinn.

Step 1

Click on Interesting Stone at 6.5k/30.5k and on Promising Stone at the East of the first one.

Return to Chief Hallsteinn when complete.

Step 2

Speak to Brudig Stouthhelm in Chapter 11.

Step 3

Click 3 times on Brightstone Deposit in a cave, entrance at 3.8k/18.4k.

Return to Brudig Stouthhelm when complete.

Step 4

Kill 6 Plagued Miner at 26.4k/10.8k.

Return to Morgrim Greyhammer at Chapter 12 in Black Fire Pass.

Step 5

Speak to Foreman Stonebrow in a cave, entrance at 51.7k/50.3k.

Step 6

Speak with 5 Hammerstriker Miner near Foreman Stonebrow in the cave.

Return to Morgrim Greyhammer when complete.

Step 7

Click on Ancient Grimoire in the same cave as STEP 5 and go further this time to find it (instead of turning right, go straight into the cave then left. The book is at the end of the cave).

Return to Morgrim Greyhammer when complete.

Step 8

Speak to Alaric Von Burbinstein, he is at Chapter 13 in The Badlands.

Step 9

Kill 6 Restless Tomb Guardian in a cave at 30k/28.5k.

Return to Alaric Von Burbinstein when compete.

Step 10

Speak to Elgrum Stoutgirth at Chapter 14 in The Badlands.

Step 11

Click on Spyglass at 58k/15.4k.

Return to Elgrum Stoutgirth when complete.

Step 12

Speak again to Elgrum Stoutgirth to complete this part.

Step 13

Speak to Alaric's Apprentice at 50.3k/28k.

Step 14

Kill the NPC Unholy Power (Champion lvl 27) and click on the big Stone Plinth behind him. at 58k/14.6k.

Return to Elgrum Stoutgirth when complete.

Step 15

Speak to High King Thorgrim Grudgbearer in Altdorf to finish this Epic Quest, and claim your reward.


Copy this link in your macro window or in the /s channel in game to know the rewards at the end of the quest:

<LINK data="QUEST:49014" text="[Ancient Horror]" color="243,228,103">