Durak's Journal

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Durak's Journal is a Tome of Knowledge Achievements unlock for the Pursuits section.

Unlock for Order & Destruction

  • Durak's Journal

Interact with the book 'Durak's Journal' in Mount Bloodhorn at 26.3k 31.9k, inside cave 'Forgotten Hold'. Its entrance is located at 26.5k 25.5k, a dwarf in sitting in front of it. When you enter the cave, go straight then you will see a dwarf sarcophagus. The book is just next to this sarcophagus.


Interact with the book 'Durak's Tome' in Mount Bloodhorn at 53.1k 13.4k, inside the cave 'Glon Barak'. Its entrance is located at 54k 20.7k, and you can reach it by a passage starting at 57.2k 16.3k. The tome is at the bottom end of the cave, behind a hero spider level 11 'Solethrik', and next to dwarf cannons.


  • XP: 104