Dark Elves T4 Epic Quest The Ebon Flame

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First, you have to take the quest "The Ebon Flame" in Dragonwake at Dark Elf Chapter 18 from Fenrith Thaurgyn.

Step 1

Travel to Eataine, and go to Vault of Serian at 14k/63k. Enter the underground of the tower and find the Tale of Houses at the end. Click on it to loot an item of the same name, then turn in this step.

Step 2

Return to Fenrith Thaurgyn.

Then travel to Eataine again to kill Belrion Silverlance at 18.8k/56.1k. Once killed, use the Orb of Souls in your inventory to complete and turn in the quest.

Step 3

Use again the Orb of Souls in your inventory.

Step 4

Travel to the Chapter 21 and speak with Telethir Bloodbrow.

Step 5

At the PQ Dawnbreak Manor:

  • Kill 10 Dawnbreak Spears
  • Kill 5 Dawnbreak Bows
  • Kill 1 Wolfmoon Retainer

Wolfmoon Retainer drops an item called Wolfmoon Crest, which completes the last objective, and enables to turn in the quest.

Step 6

In the tower at 35.7k/62.7k south of the PQ The Spirit of Eataine:

  • Kill Iriorl Wolfmoon
  • Kill Indhrian Wolfmoon
  • Click on the Song of Years in front of Indhrian to complete and turn in the quest

Step 7

Travel to Chapter 22 in Eataine and speak with Kalithys Dreadspear.

Step 8

Now you have to kill:

  • 10 Lilithorn Servants around Lilithorn Estate (53k/45k)
  • 5 Truelight Servants at the PQ Follow the Light

Then return to Kalithys Dreadspear.

Step 9

Kill Riellyan Jadehart at 45k/56.4k at the PQ Last Stand. He will drop item Jadehart Pendant that you have to examine to complete and turn in the quest.

Step 10

Kill Ryna Jadehart at the Shrine of Lileath (51k/61.7k).

Use again Jadehart Pendant to turn in this step.

Step 11

Return to Chapter 22 to talk to Telior Windseer.

Step 12

Kill Keeper of the Way at 57.6k/63.4k, he is protecting the Glowing Orb behind the citadel. He will drop item Flameshrine Key. Examine it to complete the quest and turn it in.

Step 13

Kill Riannmar Jadehart at 43k/65.4k. To reach him, click on the Glowing Orb behind the Keeper of the Way, it will teleport you in front of another Glowing Orb. Click on it, and you will be teleported inside the Flameshrine, where you will find Riannmar.

Once killed, use the Orb of Souls in your inventory.

Step 14

Click and open the Doors of Flame at 43k/65.5k behind Riannmar Jadehart.

Step 15

Return to Lyrithea Marakar in the Chapter 22 to finish this Epic Quest, and claim your reward.


Copy this link in your macro window or in the /s channel in game to know the rewards at the end of the quest:

<LINK data="QUEST:45338" text="[The Ebon Flame]" color="243,228,103">