Chaos T4 Epic Quest Annihilation

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First, you have to take the quest "Annihilation" in Reikland at the Chaos Chapter 21 from Cultist Begrid.

Step 1

Kill 6 Reikland Patrols, you can find them on the way to Radulf (PQ 'Vulgar Display of Power').

After this, you have to speak to Radulf the Elder at 59.4k/36k.

Step 2

Kill Bright Wizard Radovan and Noble Vinzenz, they can both be found at the PQ 'Hunting the Hunters'.

Radovan can be found at 54.5k/50k and Noble Vinzenz (57k/48.8k) is inside the tower at the bottom floor, on the left when you enter.

Then return to Radulf the Elder.

Step 3

Travel south to Jaust Wickham at 35.7k/63.5k and speak with him.

Step 4

Expose Kateryna's mutation by talking to her, she is right behind Jaust Wickham.

Speak to Jaust Wickham to turn in this part.

Step 5

Kill 8 Shallya Priestesses. You can find them at the PQ 'Reiksguard Training Grounds'.

Then turn in the quest to Priestess Sabine at 47.2k/53.8k.

Step 6

Return to Jaust Wickham at 35.7k/63.5k to complete this small part.

Speak again to Jaust to complete.

Step 7

Now head once again to the PQ 'Reiksguard Training Grounds' where you have to:

  • Kill Duke Wickham (Champion level 40) at 47.3k/60.3k
  • Destroy 4 Cannon Batteries
  • Kill 16 Reiksguard Castle Defenders (Reiksguard Knights)

Turn in the quest to Radulf the Elder at 59.4k/36k.

Step 8

Use the Annihilationist Altar (39.4k/16.3k) located inside the cave at 37.7k/19.5k.

Step 9

Kill 20 Annihilation Fanatics inside and just outside of the cave.

Once done, inspect once again the Annihilationist Altar to turn in this last step, and claim your reward.


Copy this link in your macro window or in the /s channel in game to know the rewards at the end of the quest:

<LINK data="QUEST:41133" text="[Annihilation]" color="243,228,103">