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Lifetap heals that are split by Guard will also count the damage the Guarding tank takes from his Guard for the purpose of determining the amount of life stolen.

Undefendable damage retains its undefendable typing when handled by Guard. This means that Guard damage from undefendable attacks like Cleave cannot be defended against.


Morale regenerates at 10 points per second. The rate of Morale regeneration is further increased by the following factors:

  • Number of players in your group - Number of enemies nearby (bonus begins at 18 enemies and caps at 72 enemies)

The above factors are multiplicative, with the maximum scaler being x3.6 for 36 morale per second. No bonus will be received for being solo in a field of enemies, nor will a bonus be received for having a group with less than 18 enemies in range.

Morale Pumps

The value of any ability, morale or tactic component that modifies Morale is multiplied by the above morale scaler divided by 3.6. This means that morale pumps and drains only use their tooltip value when the morale scaler is the maximum of 3.6x.


The effect of Toughness is independent of any other stat and is not capped by the attacker's offensive stat. Toughness will negate attack damage down to a minimum of 1.