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| colspan="2" | N/A
| colspan="2" | N/A
| [[For The Greater Gor]]
| [[For the Greater Gor]]
| Chaos Tactic Fragment, XP: 1476
| Chaos Tactic Fragment, XP: 1476
| [[Praag]]: Vanquish a Champion Monster
| [[Praag]]: Vanquish a Champion Monster

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The most common Beastmen are called Gors. Their appearance varies more greatly than most races but all combine some bestial features with those of a man. The base form of the Beastmen, and that possessed by the vast majority, has come to be that of the head and legs of a goat and the upper body of a man. As creatures of Chaos, however, the Beastmen display almost infinite variations of this guise. Many have the horns or head of cattle rather than goats, while others may possess even stranger mutations.

Tome Unlocks

Task Rewards Order Text Destruction Text
Encounter a Gor XP: 84 N/A
Kill 25 Gors XP: 204 N/A
The Murder Wood Title:Road Warden, XP: 336 Nordland: Discover a Specific Item Nordland: Complete a Specific Task
Kill 100 Gors XP: 500 N/A
Thin the Herd Chaos Tactic Fragment, XP: 806 Ostland: Complete a Kill Quest
Kill 1,000 Gors Bestial Token, XP: 1050 N/A
For the Greater Gor Chaos Tactic Fragment, XP: 1476 Praag: Vanquish a Champion Monster Kadrin Valley: Vanquish a Champion Monster
Kill 10,000 Gors Title: Herd Stalker, XP: 1716 N/A
Lair of the Brute Jewel Item : The Seeping Larva, XP: 1800 Bastion Stair: Gather a specific item and deliver them.