Avelorn Noteworthy Persons

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This page lists the Tome of Knowledge, Noteworthy Persons unlocks for Avelorn.


NPC Names NPC Titles / High Elf Camp Coordinates
Cirribhir Strongwing Rally Master Chapter 10 26.9k/9.3k
Aeddriel Swiftspear Rally Master Chapter 11 59.7k/9.7k
Sethril Stillwater Rally Master Chapter 12 45.7k/34.3k
Eliren Stormshade ---

Gaen Mere (War Camp)


(/!\ in Saphery on ToK)

Mesilhin Darkeagle Kill Collector Chapter 10 27.3k/10k
Elithaen Leafwind Kill Collector Chapter 11 60.5k/9k
Nalrothel Forestshadow Kill Collector Chapter 12 46k/34.2k


NPC Names NPC Titles / Dark Elf Camp Coordinates
Ilries Stillfury Rally Master Chapter 10 5.5k/12.1k
Sarava Scornblade Rally Master Chapter 11 23.5k/24.4k
Devak Bloodbane Rally Master Chapter 12 4.7k/45.6k
Lord Vilkareth ---

Isha's Fall (War Camp)


(/!\ in Saphery on ToK)

Uzoe Ra'an Kill Collector Chapter 10 5k/12.1k
Garek Zornil Kill Collector Chapter 11 22.4k/23.3k
Seleis Soronil Kill Collector Chapter 12 7.8k/45.3k