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=== Tome of Knowledge ===
=== Tome of Knowledge ===
* [[Avelorn History and Lore]]
* [[Avelorn History and Lore]]
* [[Avelorn Noteworthy Persons]]
* [[Avelorn Noteworthy Persons]]

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Avelorn is the third tier zone for the army of House Uthorin. Avelorn is one of the Inner Kingdoms of Ulthuan, the island continent of the High Elves and is covered entirely in an enchanting forest that glows with ethereal light. In WAR, the Dark Elves attack Avelorn and attempt to destroy the Everqueen, as that is her homeland.

PvE Content

Tome of Knowledge

Public Quests and Chapters

Order Public Quests Destruction Public Quests
High Elf Chapter 10

High Elf Chapter 11

High Elf Chapter 12

Dark Elf 10

Dark Elf 11

Dark Elf 12


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