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There are many sets to gather in Return of Reckoning. The sets that already existed on Age of Reckoning are listed in the section Armory of the Tome of Knowledge.

You will get a ToK unlock for each piece of set equipped (one exception: Mayhem helm). You will also get a ToK unlock and a title for having fully equipped each set. (see: Armory)

Note: If you have fully equipped the sets before the patch of 24th June 2017, you won't get the full set unlock nor the associated title.

ToK unlocks and titles also exist for fully equipped several sets, even if it is not working yet. (see: Armory)

Sets listed in Armory section


Not implemented yet

Wards can be obtained by the acquisition of armor sets and pieces or completing specific tasks.

There are 5 types of Wards:

Each Ward grants additional protection against monsters who carry this ward. It is mainly useful within dungeons.

Each Ward is divided into 5 fragments. Each fragment can be obtained different ways; only one of these tasks is needed to unlock the fragment. You need the 5 fragments of a Ward to have its additional protection.

Note: These tasks are Tome of Knowledge Armory unlocks.