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Learn the Apothecary skill at the capital city of your realm. The "Apothecary" NPC will teach you the specialization. Pair this with the skills Cultivating or Butchering.

The Apothecary skill will allow you to create potions. Visit the Cultivating page for a list of materials currently enabled in RoR.

Below is the list of liniments currently enabled in RoR. Liniments require level 40 to use, rank 200 Apothecary to craft, and last for 30 minutes.

Liniment Name "Liniment of..." Liniment Buff Main Ingredient Main Ingredient Source
Boundless Sight +60 Wounds

+60 Initiative

Primal Vision Butchering
Immutable Defense Chance to be Crit -10%

+20 hp / 5s

Primal Strength Butchering
Inexorable Aegis +180 all resists Primal Defense Butchering
Inspirational Winds +60 Willpower

+50 Healing Power

Violetseal Violetseal Seed
Peerless Defense +60 Toughness

Chance to be crit -5%

Primal Grace Butchering
Quickened Blades +60 Weaponskill

+5% Armor Penetration

Primal Alacrity Butchering
Swift Tergiversation +60 Weaponskill

Chance to be crit -5%

Primal Nature Butchering
The Eternal Hunt +60 Ballistic Skill

+5% Ranged Crit Chance

Nightshade Nightshade Seed
The Inevitable Tempest +60 Strength

+50 Melee Power

Crimson Monkshood Crimson Monkshood Seed
The Tolling Bell +60 Intelligence

+5% Magical Crit Chance

Azurethread Azurethread Seed
Unfettered Zeal +60 Strength

+50 Healing Power

White Baneberry White Baneberry Seed
War: Demise +60 Wounds

+50 Melee Power

Primal Calling



Bloodnettle Seed

War: Fervor +60 Wounds

+5% Ranged Crit Chance

Primal Frenzy Butchering
War: Genius +60 Wounds

+5% Magical Crit Chance

Black Serissa Black Serissa Seed
War: Hunger +60 Wounds

+60 Strength

Primal Hunger

Golden Serissa


Golden Serissa Seed

War: Mercy +60 Wounds

+50 Healing Power

Primal Afinity

Pale Serissa


Pale Serissa Seed

Credit: Gaiscioch