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An addon is a software component that adds a specific feature to an existing computer program. When a program supports plug-ins, it enables customization.

1 - New developed addons by Sullemunk

Ding Shouts out your rank / renown level when leveling up Download & more information
Statdoll Provides character stats attributes and secondary stats in a movable window with optional DPS/AbillityPower windows Download & more information
Duel Makes dueling a bit easyer by displaying a visual window when issuing/getting a duel challange Download & more
Harbinger Shows Zealot (RunePriest) Harbinger stance, mimicing the style of other stance rescource classes Download & more information=
CoolDownLine Tracks ability cooldowns from your actionbar on an timeline bar with moving icons that accelerates as the cooldown decreases Download & more information
LootAlert Alerts you if you receive loot in the alert ticker with sound and text, so you don't need to constatly check the chatlog if you won a loot roll etc... Download & more

- LootAlert

A small Addon i made for Wargrimnir that Alerts you if you receive loot in the Alert ticker with sound and text, so you don't need to constatly check the chatlog if you won a loot roll etc...

- DeathBlow2

(Or: DamazKron Pocket edition...)

A addon that displays and announces your kills/deaths as alerts

(with that satisfying Ba-Dam-Bam sound), and keeping track of your Kill/death score

- CCtv

Shows notification window when you get effected by CrowdControll*

Sometimes it can be hard to see what kind of CC you been hit with or how long the duration is, This addon pops up a window displaying the kind of CC and duartion.

- WarBuilder

~The Warhammer Online Ingame Career builder~

This addon lets you build ,share and view ability masterys on and with anny Career.

It also comes with the option to view and link abilitys,Tactics and Morales

- Thank The Resser

Here's a small addon that automaticly says a custom phrase upon ressurection, because there ain't no time typing during the war!

- ZonePOP

Here's a small addon that shows you the population in your current zone.

Zonepop will update after loading a zone or when instructed by /slash command

- GetStats

After some Requests , here's an addon that display the results of .getstats in a movable window

- Debolster

An addon wich checks if you can debolster and flag yourself for RvR.

If any of the Debolstering rules are broken, It displays the equipment and rules that must be adressed in order to debolster in the current zone you are located in.