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1 - What is Return of Reckoning?

Return of Reckoning is a Warhammer Online private server.
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Since the announcement that the official servers would be shut down on 18th of December 2013, some people decided to keep this fabulous game alive. They resort to an old emulator called All Private Server to get started.

At that time, Dyox was the main developer. In the course of time he decided to make his own private server called The Warhammer Online Private Server. He worked only with a small team and closed source.

After a few months, he realized that he doesn't have enough time and motivation to continue. That's the reason he closed his server and published his source code.

And here comes War-Emu!

While Dyox was working on his own private server, a small team continued to work on the open source emu.

Dyox published source code was added to the open source emu the War-Emu team was working on.

Return of Reckoning was born: a War-Emu private server.

2 - Why?

The aim of this server is to show that War-Emu works.

A lot of stuff is working but it's no secret that there are still missing feartures or bugs.

We the War-Emu team want to unit all Warhammer Online Players in one private server. We will keep this project and our favourite game alive!

So let us rise again! Join us, invite your friends, family and even your grandma :)

3 - Who we are?

All staff members are really passionate for Warhammer Online. All of us played on the official servers and we loved it. We want to meet old friends, old enemies, new people and finally we want to keep our favourite game alive!

We are working unpaid in our spare time. We give our best for the game and for the community.

Nothing is perfect, but we tend to.

Website: https://www.returnofreckoning.com/
Click here to see staff.