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Not implemented yet

This category lists the Tome of Knowledge Achievements unlocks for an event which name is currently unknown.

Task Rewards
Win Iron Clad scenario with 500 points XP: 66
Complete the Iron Clad scenario 25 times XP: 66
Capture and hold the Iron Clad Central Gangway throughout the rest of the scenario XP: 66
Slaughter 250 enemy players in the Iron Clad scenario XP: 66
/swear to a player of every career while in the Iron Clad scenario XP: 66
Complete all five Scurvy Dogs tome tasks Title: The Dread Pirate, XP: 66
Slay 25 Keep Lords while daemon-masked Title: Lordslayer, XP: 66
Participate in the High Pass Cemetery scenario while daemon-masked 25 times Title: Cemetery beast, XP: 66