Troll Country Noteworthy Persons

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This page lists the Tome of Knowledge Noteworthy Persons unlocks for Troll Country.


NPC Names NPC Titles / Empire Camp Coordinates
Siegmund Kraemer Rally Master Chapter 5 6.4k/23k
Captain Oswin Breitenbach Rally Master Chapter 6 17.3k/53.6k
Presbyter Fromme ---

Blackbramble Hollow (Warcamp)

Ruthgar Kill Collector Chapter 5 6.4k/23.5k
Dieter Stroh Kill Collector Chapter 6 16.5k/53.6k


NPC Names NPC Titles / Chaos Camp Coordinates
Gunvor Rally Master Chapter 6 12.8k/62.5k
Halza Rally Master Chapter 8 42.2k/39.3k
Yggdren Rally Master Chapter 9 54.2k/16.4k
Gottfried Holz Kill Collector Chapter 6 11.8k/63k
Nina Kill Collector Chapter 8 42.8k/39.5k
Lilja Shadowdrinker Kill Collector Chapter 9 54.8k/15.7k