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This category lists the Tome of Knowledge History & Lore unlocks for Troll Country.

Unlocks for Order & Destruction

  • Cult of the Plaguesworn

Walk by the water's edge (41.6k 56.7) on the southeast side of the 'Grave Diggers' Order PQ. (Not implemented yet)

  • Scarce Resources

Walk in-between the burning house and cart (23.15k 52.7k) on the west side of The Blighted Farm PQ. (Not implemented yet)

  • Sacred Totems

Walk near 3 wooden eagle-like totems in the beach (39k 46k) near In the southern part of Trovolek (Destruction Chapter 8). (Not implemented yet)

  • The End Times

Interact with the book titled 'This Will Be Your Doom' (34.8k 32.2k), mostly obscured by the nest. It is located among the Great Eagle Nests (Major Landmark), there is a nest near the ledge to the your right while going up the long hill.

  • The Cult of Sigmar

Walk near ruined Sigmar Shrine (10.8k 53.3k) in RvR lake, north from Chaos Chap 6. (Not implemented yet)

Note: There is another History & Lore unlock really near 'Taal'.

  • Nobility

There are some 'Fine Tools' (8.3k 23.2k) lying on the ground off the cliff of Suskarg (Empire Chapter 5).

Note: It's close to the Order town so, watch for guards if you're Destruction sided. If you stay on the lower edge of the hill, you will find the tools just before reaching the snow hills. Stay right below order town and you'll be just fine.

  • Nurgle

Walk up to the Nurgle Symbol (51.7k 30k) in the middle of Lursa's Blight Destruction PQ, on top of the hill. (Not implemented yet)

  • Soulblight Stone

Interact with 'Slain Marauder' (50k 54.5k) among a group of maurauder corpses. This unlock is in-between Slayer's Demise Order PQ (Chapter 6) and Plague Trolls Order PQ (Chapter 7) but it's closest to the latter. On the map is a medium sized lake (the only one), there are some little plots of land scattered around, it's in the right-most side of the lake. (looks like a circle on the map).

  • Taal

Interact with the little 'Wine in a Casket' (7.6k 52.7k) in RvR lake on the ground near a copse of trees, east from the Ruins of Greystone Keep Battle Objective. It's to the right of the fork in the road on the map.

Note: There is another History & Lore unlock really near 'The Cult of Sigmar', even if it is not implemented yet.

  • Mannslieb and Morrslieb

Interact with the 'Very Large Telescope' (16.3k 55.8k) directly south of the Empire Chapter 6 'Felde Castle', up on a partially crumbled section of wall. Hug the west side of the wall and stand partially on the rock to just slightly come within range of the telescope to use it.

/!\ For Destruction: It is possible to reach the 'Very Large Telescope', but you must be prudent. Coming from east, you'll have to walk on the 'second' road, the one at the southwestern that does not go through the Empire Chapter 6. Walk really on the southwestern of this road, because there is a 55 Champion that may kill you easily. You should see the partially crumbled section of wall on your left, with the 'Very Large Telescope' above.