The Norse are Coming!

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The Norse are Coming! is an Hard-Difficulty Public Quest and Subzone for the forces of Order, located in western Nordland. It contributes to Chapter 2 of the Empire Storyline, The Muster of Nordland.

The Norse are Coming!.jpg
The Norse are Coming!
The Norse are Coming!
Realm: Order

Zone: Nordland

Chapter: 2

Rally Master: Werner Fassbinder

PQ Lore: Norse Dragonships ride the icy swells aground at Corpse Cove. Now the cries of sea-birds are drowned out by the savage howls of the invading Norse as they storm the beaches near the coastal village of New Emskrank.

Stage 1: Norse Tents Burned

Stage 2: Norse Boats Burned

Stage 3: Griffon Sea Watch Slain

Stage 4: Hralgar the Kraken