The Burning Windmill

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The Burning Windmill is a Normal-Difficulty Public Quest and Subzone for the forces of Order, located in central Nordland. It contributes to Chapter 2 of the Empire Storyline, The Muster of Nordland.

The Burning Windmill.jpg
The Burning Windmill
The Burning Windmill
Realm: Order

Zone: Nordland

Chapter: 2

Rally Master: Werner Fassbinder

PQ Lore: The forces of the Empire have gathered many new troops from the local farming communities of Nordland with the expectation of using the food stores in the windmills to feed them. Unfortunately the Raven Host is burning the land as they go, and the grain stored in the outlying granaries is in danger of being consumed by the swarms of rodents being driven before the marauding Northmen.

Stage 1: Seeker Horror

Stage 2: Seeker Cultists

Stage 3: Baruun the Seeker