The Badlands History and Lore

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This category lists the Tome of Knowledge History & Lore unlocks for The Badlands.

Unlocks for Order & Destruction

  • Animosity

Ride under/across the bridge (52.5k 39.1k) northeast of Muggar's Choppaz (Greenskin Camp). (Not implemented yet)

  • The Cauldron

Walk near the cauldron (4k 28k) up in the hills in the 'The Cauldron' Order PQ area. (Not implemented yet)

  • Gork and Mork

Approach the totem (44k 25.6k) at the Skullbreak Ridge Destruction PQ. (Not implemented yet)

  • Blue Face Orcs

Approach is a wooden hut with a red roof (5k 39k). (Not implemented yet)

Note: Inside this hut, you will find a 'Table of Supplies' for 'Warpaint' History & Lore unlock.

  • Tribal Culture

Walk near the Orc camp at around 5.1k 18k and you will get the unlock. (Not implemented yet)

  • Moonfang Tribe

Walk into the middle of the goblin camp at around 5k 6k to get the unlock. (Not implemented yet)

  • Da Little Waaagh!

Interact with a 'Goblin Map' (10.5k 4.4k) that can be found on a table next to a hut on the hill in the Night Goblin village outside Mount Gunbad (Order PQ Revoltin' Gobbos).

  • Dragon's Gut

Interact with the Dwarf corpse 'Gruber's Remains' at 22.4k 54.9k in RvR zone, under the skeleton of the dragon.

  • Warpstone

Interact with the 'Skaven Corpse' (4.7k 31k) on the ground between a 'Fallen Ranger' (dwarf corpse) and a rat called 'Caldera Bonegnawer', next to a broken arch.

Note: The other History & Lore unlock 'Phineas Fireforge' is really close.

  • Warpaint

Interact with the 'Table of Supplies' inside a hut around 3.5k 37k.

Note: The hut is a proximity History & Lore unlock for 'Blue Face Orcs', but not implemented yet.

  • Phineas Fireforge

Interact with a 'Rusty Scrollcase' (4k 28.8k) on the ground behind a wall. The scrollcase is very small and half hidden in the ground. If you jump down from the higher plateau of The Cauldron PQ, it's the first wall on the right hand side.

Note: The other History & Lore unlock 'Warpstone' is really close.

  • Bloodspike Mesa

Walk near the dead dwarf by the big rock at around 6k 22k and you will get the unlock. (Not implemented yet)