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This category lists the Tome of Knowledge Achievements unlocks for Subversion.

Unlock for Order & Destruction

  • Subversion

Not implemented yet

Approach the Wizard Tower in Nordland around 48.7k 50.3k. There are 2 ways to approach it:

  • Walk to the tower by foot, to do so you have to climb de moutains where the tower is. You can start climbing it at the tunnel entrance at 51.6k 47.7k (no mark on map). Jumping on rocks will enable you to reach the top of the moutains.
  • Inside a tent at 52.1k 53.7k are 'Dirk Eisenhauer' and 'Luthor Vogt'. They should have a conversation, then Luthor leaves the tent. Dirk should follow him, at this moment, kill him. He should drop a 'Wizard's Key' that teleports you inside the Wizard Tower.

Rewards: XP: 104

Unlock for Destruction Only

  • Brotherhood of Nuln

Not implemented yet

Once you are inside Wizard Tower, search 'Heironymous of Nuln', a level 9 Bright Wizard Hero. Kill him for this second unlock. You eventually have to take the portal behind him to escape from this tower.

Rewards: XP: 104