Ruin Tokens

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Ruin Tokens are an alternative to get Ruin set. To buy a Ruin piece, you need 5 Medallions of Ruin.

To get a Medallion of Ruin, you need:

  • 4x Shard of Ruin that drops from T4 white bags or
  • 3x Fragment of Ruin that drops from T4 green bags or
  • 2x Aspect of Ruins that drops from T4 blue bags or
  • 1x Remnant of Ruin that drops from T4 purple bags

Once you have for example 4x Shard of Ruin, you can trade them for 1 Medallion of Ruin from vendors:

  • For Order: In Altdorf, at 32.5k 49k east of the War Quarter.
  • For Destruction: In The Inevitable City, at 22k 51k northwest of Pavilion of Slaanesh.

Note: These 4 types of token can not be mixed up. It means that you can not mix for example Shard of Ruin + Fragment of Ruin to get a Medallion of Ruin. Nevertheless, you can get 1 Medallion of Ruin from Shards of Ruin, and another one from Fragments of Ruin.