Reikland Noteworthy Persons

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This page lists the Tome of Knowledge, Noteworthy Persons unlocks for Reikland.


NPC Names NPC Titles / Empire Camp Coordinates
Elmeric Oberholzer Rally Master Chapter 15 7.5k/34k
Greta Machholt Rally Master Chapter 16 18.7k/14.9k
General Walther Gellert ---

Deathwatch Landing (War Camp)

Barnabus Kuhn Kill Collector Chapter 15 7.3k/32.4k
Sigrid Widmann Kill Collector Chapter 16 21k/16.8k


NPC Names NPC Titles / Chaos Camp Coordinates
Astryth the Reaver Rally Master Chapter 20 48.4k/8.3k
Chieftain Vanik Rally Master Chapter 21 45.6k/34.7k
Khyathor Rally Master Chapter 22 35k/53.5k
Lord Xyshrenth ---

Darkstone Vantage (War Camp)

Jarl Spearfist Kill Collector Chapter 20 48k/8.1k
Amundr the Despoiler Kill Collector Chapter 21 44.5k/34.7k
Gorfaug Manhewer Kill Collector Chapter 22 33.3k/55.5k