Raven Host Vanguard

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Raven Host Vanguard is a Normal-Difficulty Public Quest and Subzone for the forces of Order, located in southern Nordland.It contributes to the Chapter 1 of the Empire Storyline, War Comes to Grimmenhagen.

Raven Host vanguard.jpg
Raven Host Vanguard
Raven Host Vanguard
Realm: Order

Zone: Nordland

Chapter: 1

Rally Master: Eldred Krebs

PQ Lore: The ranks of the Nordland Army are in desperate need of replenishment. The new soldiers are to be drawn from the peasant workers in the hills and among the farms of Nordland. Recruiting these simple folk will be no easy task, but as word of the encroaching Chaos warhost spreads, it will be come clear to even the simplest farmer that those who do not fight will be the first to die.