Mount Bloodhorn Noteworthy Persons

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This page lists the Tome of Knowledge, Noteworthy Persons unlocks for Mount Bloodhorn.


NPC Names NPC Titles / Dwarf Camp Coordinates
Odarik Rorkisson Rally Master Chapter 3 7k/25.5k
Captain Skalfson Rally Master Chapter 4 45k/16k
Zamgund Roarhammer --- 17k/25k
Dodrum Ironsplitter Kill Collector Chapter 3 8k/24.5k
Barin Grimbeard Kill Collector Chapter 4 45k/17k


NPC Names NPC Titles / Greenskin Camp Coordinates
Maggut Rally Master Chapter 1 33.5k/54k
Grokk Rally Master Chapter 2 17.5k/54k
Splinta Rally Master Chapter 3 4k/28k
Screeb --- 9.6k/21k
Wobna Slipsquig Kill Collector Chapter 1 40k/54.5k
Sneakfang Kill Collector Chapter 2 16k/52.4k
Virrik Kill Collector Chapter 3 1.7k/27k