Mount Bloodhorn History and Lore

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This category lists the Tome of Knowledge History & Lore unlocks for Mount Bloodhorn.

Unlocks for Destruction only

  • Waaagh!

This unlock is discovered by entering the hut with big bones (37.6k 49.5k) on top behind a shaman (Gubnash Facebiter) at the base of Lobber Hill for the Greenskin starting area. (Not implemented yet)

  • Simple Minds

Interact with the 'Observation Point' (a telescope at 46.9k 57.1k) accessible climbing mountains (there is a way starting at 46k 53k, then climb).

Note: It was possible to reach it using lobbers of Lobber Hill (36k 51k), which made you fly to the Stunty Mountain, but not implemented yet.

  • Bloody Sun Boyz

Interact with the 'Bloody Sun Banner' (41.7k 52.3k) next to 'Skarzag', the Orc on the Wyvern, in Greenskin Chapter 1. If you can not interact with it, take the quest 'Two Can Play at Dat' from 'Scribbiz' goblin in front of the banner.

  • Choppas

Interact with a dead dwarf corpse 'Stunty Chopped Gud' (32k 47.5k) in the woods north of 'Snout's Pens' Major Landmark.

  • Ironmane's Lock

Interact with the 'Memorial Plaque' (40.8k 61k) in the Stunty Mountain area. It is possible to access there through mountains, then reach the road where the 'Observation Point' for H&L 'Simple Minds' is (see above). The plaque can be found on a lower right-hand side of the northern wall with the marooned ship's brow facing toward it.

  • Greenskin Technology

Proximity unlock: Enter the area containing two siege towers directly west of 'Da War Maka' (12k 52k). (Not implemented yet)

Unlocks for Order & Destruction

  • Da War Maka

Interact with the 'Orc Corpse' (18.2k 54.1k) below the north-facing blade of 'Da War Maka'.

/!\ For Order: Be really prudent with 55 Destruction Champions. It is possible to reach and interact with 'Orc Corpse' but it's a suicidal rush.

  • Rock Lobbers

Proximity unlock: Enter the area containing the Rock Lobbers (15k 40k) in front of the gate of the Ironclaw Camp. (Not implemented yet)

  • Greenskin Food

Interact with a 'Dinner Scraps' (38.9k 38.9k) inside in a hut, on the top of a small hill just after you cross the bridge.

  • Dragonbone Pass

Proximity unlock: Pass through the Giant Skeleton of a dragon (42.8k 20.6k) really close to Dwarf Chapter 4. (Not implemented yet)