Krela Darkshroud

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Krela Darkshroud.jpg

The lair is located in The Badlands in RvR lake at 23.7k 62.5k.

Lair Boss is Krela Darkshroud, a level 31 Hero Vampire.

Approaching the lair will trigger an Achievements unlock. (Not implemented yet)

Mechanic to enter (on Official)

Not implemented yet

There should be four stones called 'Plinth' in front of the door to this lair. If you stand on the third stone from the left facing the lair door, you receive a glow. After receiving the glow, you will be able to highlight the stumps at the back of the stones and activate them They emit a volcano of colors to show they are activated. After all four are activated the door opens revealing Krela Darkshroud.


She drops level 31 rare belt:

Warrior Priest Bright Wizard Knight of the Blazing Sun Witch Hunter
Darkshroud Bookstrap.png Darkshroud Keysash.png Darkshroud Faulds.png Darkshroud Lash.png
Runepriest Engineer Ironbreaker Slayer
Darkshroud Runesash.png Darkshroud Tool Belt.png Darkshroud Kladgird.png Darkshroud Girdle.png
Archmage Shadow Warrior Swordmaster White Lion
Darkshroud Silkenwrap.png Darkshroud Waistgird.png Darkshroud Girdment.png Darkshroud Axebelt.png
Zealot Magus Chosen Marauder
Darkshroud Waistwrap.png Darkshroud Whipsash.png Darkshroud Deathgirdle.png Darkshroud Midstrap.png
Shaman Squig Herder Black Orc Choppa
Darkshroud Bitskeepa.png Darkshroud Pouch Holda.png Darkshroud Gutstrap.png Darkshroud Bellybuckle.png
Disciple of Khaine Sorcerer Blackguard Witch Elf
Darkshroud Bladebelt.png Darkshroud Sash.png Darkshroud Bindings.png Darkshroud Vilecord.png