High Pass Noteworthy Persons

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This page lists the Tome of Knowledge, Noteworthy Persons unlocks for High Pass.


NPC Names NPC Titles / Empire Camp Coordinates
Captain Nuhr Rally Master Chapter 10 4.6k/29.2k
Grizela Hirtzel Rally Master Chapter 11 9k/58.4k
Konrad Riese Rally Master Chapter 12 43k/57.3k
Teodor Hennschel ---

Dogbite Ridge (War Camp)

Rolf Grimwold Kill Collector Chapter 10 4.6k/27.5k
Vilmer DonHeisen Kill Collector Chapter 11 10.8k/59.5k
Archibald Fleck Kill Collector Chapter 12 43.8k/55.8k


NPC Names NPC Titles / Chaos Camp Coordinates
Urun Rally Master Chapter 13 37.3k/32.3k
Albodi the Scarred Rally Master Chapter 14 49k/20.7k
Kaltea Wyrmreaver Kill Collector Chapter 13 35.5k/32.8k
Norrmar Boneblade Kill Collector Chapter 14 49k/22.4k