Ekrund History and Lore

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This category lists the Tome of Knowledge History & Lore unlocks for Ekrund.

Unlocks for Order Only  

  • Gold

Interact with small 'Gold Nugget' (15k 45k) next to a fallen chariot, at the entrance of the center tunnel of the three mining tunnels 'Stonemane's Junction' in the dwarven starting area where the squigs are.

  • Reclaiming Ekrund

Interact with a 'Commemorative Plaque' (20k 47k) in the dwarven location where the squigs are, on the wall behind the kill collector.

  • Helga

Interact with the big cannon 'Helga' (24k 38k) upper floor in dwarven starting area.

  • Oathbearers

Talk to an NPC with name starting with Oathbearer in Dwarf Chapter 1 (22k 42k). (Not implemented yet)

  • Grudges

Interact with the 'Grudge Book' (20.6k 41.2k) on one of the benches surrounding a pillar, within the hall of Dwarf Chapter 1. You must have quest 'Bitter Memories' given by Snorri Oathbrew (22.6k 42k) to interact with book.

  • The Pick & Goggles

Go into the tavern named Picks & Goggles in the Dwarf Chapter 1 at 22.2k 39.8k. (Not implemented yet)

Unlocks for Order & Destruction 

  • Rune Magic

Interact with a 'Book of Runes' (52.9k 49.6k) on the stairs next to a 'Dwarf Corpse', inside a captured dwarven tower, within the Destruction PQ 'Broketoof Camp'.

  • Cannons

For Order: Interact with 'Crate of Cannonballs' in dwarf chap 1 starting area (21.4k 41.5k). To be able to interact with, you must take Tharik Redaxe's quests in dwarf chap 1 (23.5k 41.5k) which first quest is called 'Oathbearer'. His second quest 'Filth in the Rough' will enable you to interact with 'Crate of Cannonballs'.

For Destruction and Order: Interact with 'Cannonballs' (54.5k 4.4k) in RvR lake among some cannons and crates.

  • Ancestor Worship

Proximity unlock: Run next to a giant dwarven head statue (35.8k 34k) in front of the Order PQ 'Battle of Bitterstone' and south of Major Landmark 'Burguz's Boyz'. (Not implemented yet)

For Destruction: You can reach this side of the map by jumping on rocks at the end of the road at 42.8k 38.3k.

  • Durak Bitterstone

Proximity unlock: Run to the top of the stairs (45.2k 21.3k) between the giant door and the greenskin war machine thing, straight north of redhammer brewery and southeast of Order PQ 'Durak's Gate'. (Not implemented yet)