Eataine History and Lore

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This category lists the Tome of Knowledge History & Lore unlocks for Eataine.

Unlocks for Order & Destruction

  • Asuryan

Interact with the 'Shrine of Asuryan' (brazier) at 21.3k 62.4k.

  • The Lothern Seaguard

Interact with a 'Seaguard Banner' on lower dock at 62k 6.6k.

/!\ For Destruction: Invisible guards have been added to avoid destruction players to kill order who are farming PQ northeast of Eataine. So it's hard to approach the banner. I advice you to make your way from the water to click on it.

  • High Elf Colonies

Interact with 'Small Campfire Remains' (70 11.5k).

  • Eagle's Claw Bolt Thrower

Interact with Bolt Thrower 'The Eagles Claw' 13.7k 53.4k.

  • The Straits of Lothern

Interact with 'Cornerstone Plaque' (53.8k 21.3k) on ground behind tower. It is hidden in the grass.

  • The Third Gate

Interact with a small boat 'A Stored Dinghy' underneath the docks at 64k 47.3k.

  • Lileath

Interact with a 'Gem Adorned Tome' behind a shadow warrior tent at 39.4k 15.5k.

  • Orcification

Interact with 'Orc Landing Banner' (6.5k 5.3k) infront of the orc barge.

  • The Underworld Sea

Interact with 'Locked Chest' (1.4k 8.5k) on the water at beach edge.

  • Repeater Crossbow

Interact with 'Roadside Memorial' just roadside at 26k 49.6k.

  • Tiranoc Chariot

Chariot in front of tower. Proximity unlock at 14.8k 53.3k. (Not implemented yet)

  • Cold One Chariot

Proximity unlock by stepping close to the Chariot at 15.8k 24.1k. (Not implemented yet)

  • A Dark Day (Enemies in the Inner Sea)

Run by the Orc "ship" (31.2k 2.8k). (Not implemented yet)

  • Stronger Bonds

Interact with the 'Empty Jug' (small vase) at 28.9k 16k near the river.

  • Cold One Knights

Interact with 'Gnawed Bones' (46.7k 12.2k) outside the fort walls on the left of one of the entrances.