Dead in the Water

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This category lists the Tome of Knowledge Achievements unlocks for Dead in the Water.

Unlock for Order & Destruction

  • Dead in the Water

Interact with 'Deteriorating Sea Mine' in Barak Varr at 31.5k 27k in the water, at the northwest of The Ironclad Battlefield Objective.

Rewards: XP: 150

Unlock for Order Only

  • Settin' Things Straight

Talk to one of the 'Siege Engineer' in Barak Varr Dwarf Chapter 7. There are 3 Siege Engineers, metalhead dwarves, they are working on cannons: 2 are at 32.1k 50.2k, and one is at 31.2k 49.5k.

Rewards: XP: 150

Unlock for Destruction Only

  • Wot's Dis Den?

Talk to 'Bloody Sun Metal 'Ead' in Barak Varr Greenskin Chapter 9 at 28.5k 18.7k, north of the Deteriorating Sea Mine. He is a metalhead goblin, next to some barrels.

Rewards: XP: 150