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This page lists the Tome of Knowledge, Noteworthy Persons unlocks for Chrace.


NPC Names NPC Titles / High Elf Camp Coordinates
Morithwen Nightwhisper Rally Master Chapter 3 52.4k/1.6k

(/!\ in The Blighted Isle on ToK)

Caduin Goldbough Rally Master Chapter 4 49.6k/32.2k

(under inside)

Aeldith Tearsong Kill Collector Chapter 3 53.7k/1.8k

(/!\ in The Blighted Isle on ToK)

Elthossar Youngstar Kill Collector Chapter 4 53.1k/32.7k


NPC Names NPC Titles / Dark Elf Camp Coordinates
General Malagurn Rally Master Chapter 4 18.7k/25.2k
Krartil Deathsong Kill Collector Chapter 3 8.7k/2.4k
Hakazin Felwind Kill Collector Chapter 4 21.1k/26.1k