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This category lists the Tome of Knowledge History & Lore unlocks for Chrace.

Unlocks for Order & Destruction

  • The Shadow Warriors

Interact with the body of a 'Tortured Dark Elf' (3.7k 51k) near the destro entrance to the Shadowlands, at a camp of shadow warriors. They surround a large blighted tree to the North of the Shadowlands entrance.

  • Manbane

Interact with the flowers 'Lathranoi Flower' (31.5k 41.5k) to get this unlock. It is an a hill near Thanuil's Retreat. Among some trees there are some flowers.

  • Thanuil's Retreat

This is a proximity unlock (37k 40k) in the Major Landmark Thanuil's Retreat. Go to the top of the hill where the building and Thanuil are to unlock it. (Not implemented yet)

  • The White Lions of Chrace

This entry is a proximity unlock in the middle of the camp of White Lions (8.2k 9.9k), immediately west of the first public quest for dark elves. In this zone is a forest with a camp of White Lions in it. (Not implemented yet)

  • Aenarion

Interact with 'A Memorial to Aenarion' (56k 19k) which is a small block of stone with some elvish script on it, on a bluff overlooking a high elf city below.

  • Khaine

Interact with the elf body of a 'Blade Sacrifice' (63k 42.8k) next to a blood cauldron in Lyrianna's Mansion Major Landmark.

  • The Menhir Stones

Proximity unlock, around Stone of Imrathir (60k 54k). May unlock behind the camp at around 57.5k 56.4k or at 60.3k 48.2k also. (Not implemented yet)

  • The Vortex

Proximity unlock, near a menhir stone (8.3k 42.6k) in the Illboughs. (Not implemented yet)