Altdorf History and Lore

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This category lists the Tome of Knowledge History & Lore unlocks for Altdorf.

Unlocks for Order & Destruction

  • The Altdorf Docks

Enter the Docks (33.8k 31.5k).

  • Ol' Knuckles' Ring

Approach the two men fighting on the docks, north of the Blowhole Tavern (31.7k 28.1k).

  • Pale-Eye Hideout

Talk to 'Gahela Coppermane' (female dwarf) just outside the Port Authority in the Docks (34.6k 32.1k).

  • The Sewers of Altdorf

Explore The Sewers dungeon located in Altdorf (3 wings: 34.5k 40.6k / 31k 36k / 30.3k 32.3k). (Not implemented yet)

  • The Blowhole Tavern

Enter The Blowhole, located on far north side of the docks (30.9k 28.6k).

To the north of the Temple of Sigmar, keep going north until you see a fence gate in front of you and a beggar to the left, turn right and go into the small alley (19.4k 34k).

  • The City Guard

Go into the Warpblade Tunnels behind the shelves in the basement of The Mastiff's End (25.7k 35.5k). (Not implemented yet)

  • The First Bank of Altdorf

Approach the First Bank of Altdorf entrance (21k 38.5k).

  • The Emperor's Palace

Unlocks when you first fly into Altdorf.

  • The Temple of Sigmar

Enter the Temple of Sigmar (16.5k 38.3k).

  • The Reikland Arms

Enter the Reikland Arms (20k 38.4k), across from the First Bank of Altdorf.

  • The Clank

Enter The Clank (23.4k 41.8k).

  • Aqshy Fountain

Proximity unlock for the middle Aqshy fountain on the left in first room of Bright Wizard College. Bright Wizard College entrance: 32k 34.4k. (Not implemented yet)

  • The Slums

Enter the Slums (28.5k 34.5k).

  • Lord's Row

Enter the Lord's Row (20.6k 37.2k).

  • War Quarters

Enter the War Quarters.

  • Legacy of the Emperors

Click on the 'Old Empire Standard' (25.7k 30.5k) in front of the Emperor's Palace. It looks like a red standard pinned to the wall on the right side of the 2nd doorway to the Palace from the Marketplace.

Enter the Bright College (32k 34.4k).

  • Market Square

Enter the Market Square (25.6k 33.6k).

  • Goradian's Fall

Enter the Sewers at 31k 36k. Find the room with Goradian The Creator, he's a level 20 Hero. There is a "Well worn book" on the floor, at the corner on the right before the entrance to his room. Click on it to get the unlock.